What you never knew you gave me


This morning I opened Facebook just like any other day. Except for today I found a message in Messenger from an old colleague who I worked with in my very first job as a Reporter for a newspaper in Illinois. His message was an obituary. The man who died today was Jerry McDowell, an editor… Read more »

7 Lessons Successful Women in Leadership Have Learned


A couple of weeks ago I had the honour of joining a brand-new association as a founding Board Member called Women in Fitness Association (WIFA). Thank you, Lindsey Rainwater, for your stroke of genius to create this! I honestly lit up with excitement when I heard about this new organization. It just felt like perfect… Read more »

Processing Disappointment – lose control or self-control

disappointment 4

None of us can actually get through life without facing at least one disappointment. In fact, we probably can’t even get through a week or even a day sometimes without at least a little one.   Example of a little one – you could be driving half way down the street when you realize the Grande vanilla latte… Read more »

The Ultimate Gift

unconditional giving

Right now all around the world the clocks are turning to sunrise, and people everywhere are waking up to Christmas morning… The fortunate ones are waking up to their loved ones and a warm house full of love and Christmas cheer. Others might not be so fortunate. And some have already celebrated their holidays with… Read more »