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Belonging… The feeling of belonging is the quiet kryptonite of human nature. It’s what draws us together and binds us to each other. Belonging gives purpose and strength; we are weaker without it, so we crave to have it. It gives a sense of passion and drive as well as security. It’s the foundational power… Read more »

Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Who Created My Reality Today?

thoughts create reality

The other day I was reading an article about how the world around us is a direct reflection of us. Basically it was saying that our reality consists of things we choose. Now, of course I would like to argue that most people who live in a third world country wouldn’t live there if they… Read more »

FREE – How much is too much? TRIAL – What’s the smartest thing to give away?


‘FREE’ & TRIAL’… These are some powerful words in the consumer world… As a consumer, I too often like to try stuff before I buy it, don’t we all? But as a business operator I have to say there is giving someone a sample and then there is unnecessarily giving away FREE stuff to your… Read more »