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I just came across a word that I’ve never heard before…I think it might be my new favorite word now actually… it literally made me laugh out loud when I read it… Bosshole. Now tell me that isn’t funny?! Apparently It’s urban slang meaning a ‘boss’ who is an ‘asshole’. (Please pardon my french.) A… Read more »

Leading From the ‘Sweet Spot’

Balance. It’s the key to longevity in most aspects of our lives. Work, family, self … if we live more in one realm than the rest, we experience turbulence in those neglected areas. However, once balance is restored, voilà, life is good again. Happens everyday, and has happened to everybody at some point. I use… Read more »

Is Your Triangle Upside-down?

About a year after I moved to New Zealand from the United States I was interviewed as a candidate for a club management role for the country’s largest and most popular gym chain. I will never forget my first meeting with the HR Manager, which was sort of like a pre-interview to whittle down the… Read more »

Do You TRUST Me?

Have you ever witnessed a person walk in to lead a team meeting and cause everyone in the room to light up with smiles, happily chatting, relaxed and completely engaged in the meeting from the word ‘hello’? It’s a pretty epic phenomenon when leaders can pull off this great feat of what I like to… Read more »