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Forgive yourself to lead yourself


So often so many of us walk around everyday harboring guilt and or shame about something. It could be a big thing we’ve done or something really small but it still haunts us. Either way it’s something that challenges our values, morals and/or beliefs and creates a feeling of guilt and shame for allowing it… Read more »



Belonging… The feeling of belonging is the quiet kryptonite of human nature. It’s what draws us together and binds us to each other. Belonging gives purpose and strength; we are weaker without it, so we crave to have it. It gives a sense of passion and drive as well as security. It’s the foundational power… Read more »

The Need for Validation – can it be an addiction that holds you back?

validation freedom

A few years ago a young girl who just learned how to teach group fitness begged me to watch her deliver a track and give her feedback. It didn’t take long for me to register that she didn’t want anything constructive from me at all. She just wanted me to validate for her that she… Read more »

Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Who Created My Reality Today?

thoughts create reality

The other day I was reading an article about how the world around us is a direct reflection of us. Basically it was saying that our reality consists of things we choose. Now, of course I would like to argue that most people who live in a third world country wouldn’t live there if they… Read more »

FREE – How much is too much? TRIAL – What’s the smartest thing to give away?


‘FREE’ & TRIAL’… These are some powerful words in the consumer world… As a consumer, I too often like to try stuff before I buy it, don’t we all? But as a business operator I have to say there is giving someone a sample and then there is unnecessarily giving away FREE stuff to your… Read more »