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Belonging… The feeling of belonging is the quiet kryptonite of human nature. It’s what draws us together and binds us to each other. Belonging gives purpose and strength; we are weaker without it, so we crave to have it. It gives a sense of passion and drive as well as security. It’s the foundational power… Read more »

The Need for Validation – can it be an addiction that holds you back?

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A few years ago a young girl who just learned how to teach group fitness begged me to watch her deliver a track and give her feedback. It didn’t take long for me to register that she didn’t want anything constructive from me at all. She just wanted me to validate for her that she… Read more »



I just came across a word that I’ve never heard before…I think it might be my new favorite word now actually… it literally made me laugh out loud when I read it… Bosshole. Now tell me that isn’t funny?! Apparently It’s urban slang meaning a ‘boss’ who is an ‘asshole’. (Please pardon my french.) A… Read more »