Hitting Reset

Well, here we are again, the start of another New Year. A clean slate. A fresh start. Our chance to hit reset and restore our default settings on our lives. Or at least that’s what many of us have every good intention of doing each New Year.
There’s something about the dawn of a new calendar year that ignites inspiration to better ourselves. It makes us want to clean out our house, cars, closets, relationships, careers, minds, livers… and just reset and start again.
I get it, it’s cathartic to cleanse your life. I do it too. The positive prospect a second chance and the endless possibilities of what we could achieve with it is both exciting and hopeful. As we dream to our better future we are filled with optimism, energy and confidence. It feels damn good!
If you’re reading this right now with your New Year goals or intentions in mind, I hope you are feeling very positive about your potential! Go get it I say!
But as you do, keep in mind, it’s not only about the goal or improvement you want to make this year, it’s about how that journey to achievement impacts you emotionally. It’s great to set goals as long as you come out the other side with your self-esteem and confidence still intact.
It’s like those times when we say to ourselves, ‘right, I’m not going to drink any alcohol this month and I’m not going to eat any chocolate or other bad foods like pizza. I’m going to be a vision of health for the next 4 weeks!’ Only to get two weeks in and get peer pressured into an amazing night out on the town where you let go and totally indulge. UGH! Only to wake up hungover feeling horrible shame and feeling like you failed yourself.
It’s up to you to lead yourself down a realistic path with your annual ‘reset’ that actually makes you feel successful along the way.
So my best advice as we head into our new intentions of the New Year is to:
  1. Set realistic goals with enough flexibility to avoid the feeling of failure.
  2. Be kind and forgiving to yourself along the way.
  3. And if you slip up and repeat old bad habits, don’t let that stop you from picking yourself back up and trying again.
Happy 2017 everyone! Thanks for reading.