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Does my mind attract matter?

It’s an interesting question and one we’ve been asking ourselves for centuries. Does what I think about and focus on eventual make its way to me? Maybe not in the way I imagined, but does my mind have the power to manifest my desires and attract the things I want to me?


Well I suppose sometimes we might miraculously get exactly what we were after! Annnnnd… sometimes not.  But one thing is for certain, our mindset will determine how we feel about the world around us, and how we feel determines how we act and the choices we make, and all of our actions result in outcomes… how we feel about those outcomes then determines our next wave of thinking… and so the cycle continues.


A bit like this… Let’s call it our Cycle of Attraction…

Cycle of Attraction

Let’s take for example Scarcity Vs Abundance. If you live in a state of scarcity – never enough – that’s what you are going to see around you. Your feeling of not enough will be what is reflected back at you everywhere you look.


Never enough money. Never enough time. Low self efficacy because you’re never enough. And so on…


Dwelling on the scarcity of one thing in your life will undoubtedly breed like fungus onto many other things that could otherwise be beautiful in your world.


But viewing your world with a mindset of abundance can instantly change your outlook, your mood, and your energy. Positivity breeds more positivity just as much as negativity breeds more negativity.

Let’s take a closer look… for example the Scarcity mindset…


Fact from personal experience – Negative mental focus sustained over long periods of time will rot how you feel about otherwise good stuff around you. Not because you’re actually a victim, but because that’s the way you will see things, and that view of your world will impact how you feel, and those feelings will determine the choices you make and actions you take, and those actions will have outcomes… very likely to be outcomes that you don’t actually like.


The long term exposure of negative thinking will twist your view of your world and push good people and things away.


And the cynic will set in… You know this happens when things like an otherwise sunshiny sky will all of the sudden have too many clouds for your liking. Or, the happy, cute kid skipping down the sidewalk just loving life will all the sudden look really annoying with his food-stained t-shirt and chubby chocolate covered cheeks. Or, the effort your partner made to clean the house while you were away today all of the sudden will frustrate you because they didn’t put away the dishes properly. AHHHHHHHHGGGGHHH!


So what I’ve learned is how I choose to see life is what I will see.


And if we only see only the bad stuff with a cynical mindset then that’s how we will feel on the inside, all the time. And how we feel determines how we see things and react. And those actions have outcomes.


Now of course I’m giving first world problem examples here, not big stuff like death or injury to you or loved ones. I get that there are some things in life that rock our worlds so hard we don’t know if we can even stand back up again. What I’m talking about here is the long-term lens through which we choose to see our world’s.


That lens determines how we will feel on the inside, and how we feel on the inside then determines how we act and react towards everything and everyone around us, which leads to the outcome of that action or reaction which drives us deeper into those feelings, good or bad.


Often when it’s ‘bad’, the cycle of attraction spirals out of our control… we feel ashamed we can’t control it and that shame buries us deeper and deeper into our own dark tunnel of negativity. Ugly!


I don’t know about you, but living with that feeling all day everyday sounds like, well quite frankly, like shit! It also sounds like a sure fire way to get stressed out to the max, age quicker, possibly get a disease, and/or push all the happy people in our lives away! #stopit!


So the alternative… Phew, thank God there is an alternative! The Abundance mindset…

It works the same way as the scarcity mindset, just with a much happier ending.


Positive mental focus sustained over long periods will not only enhance and elevate the already good things in our lives, but also the not so good things won’t hurt has much or linger as long. We will become more and more resilient.  Not because we are all of the sudden invincible, but because we choose to see the good side of every situation no matter what, and that lifts our mood and energy.


Seeing abundance – when ‘everything is more than enough’ – is what we’ll then have.


More than enough food. More than enough love. ‘I am more than enough’.


When you start thinking you have more than enough, all of the sudden that partly cloudy sky looks bright and sunny and it makes you feel warm and happy. That food-covered, fat kid skipping annoyingly down the sidewalk all of the sudden looks adorable and makes you smile. And those dishes your good-for-nothing partner couldn’t even put away properly look perfectly stacked and the act of cleaning the house for you makes you feel loved!


How we choose to see life is what we will see. If we only see the good in stuff with a grateful mindset then that’s how we will feel on the inside. How we feel determines how we act and react. And those actions have outcomes which will validate how we feel and think again. Roll on Cycle of Attraction!


So, what does all this mean… Well to me it means that though we may not necessarily be attracting MORE good things with an abundant mindset, we ARE making MORE of the good things that are already in our lives.


Join me in seeing the good things in life today.


Thanks for reading!