The Ultimate Gift

unconditional giving

Right now all around the world the clocks are turning to sunrise, and people everywhere are waking up to Christmas morning…

The fortunate ones are waking up to their loved ones and a warm house full of love and Christmas cheer. Others might not be so fortunate. And some have already celebrated their holidays with Hanukkah or other traditions.

The thing is, no matter where we are or who we are with or even the time of year, the ultimate gift is free and within us all to give every single day to anyone. Total strangers even.

The ultimate gift is the art of giving when there is nothing to receive.

Unconditional kindness, caring, love, affection, respect, etc. even when there is no assurance it will come back to you. Giving without expectation of reciprocation. When your treatment of others doesn’t come with a price tag.

Only then can you experience the greatest gift of human connection – the feeling of joy from using your existence to elevate another’s.

That’s when you truly are giving the ultimate gift of humanity.

My mother, she has been my role model for unconditional giving.  She can love and show kindness to the world and not need anything in return. She can do this everyday and not need any thanks, and somehow her heart grows bigger and fuller than the day before.

She can be in a hurry to pick up the grandkids from school but still give up her parking spot with a smile to the stranger also rushing to get one. She can take the extra 30 seconds to hold open the door for someone behind her and not need any thanks. She can spot the last carton of milk on the store shelf and let the other guy have it without him even knowing she wanted it too. She can remain calm and somehow show empathy is the midst of an argument with a loved one.

She does these things not as a push over or a martyr, she does them because she is a wise soul who knows that there is happiness to be experienced when you free yourself from the attachment of needing reciprocation. When you genuinely give kindness in any form without an expectation of getting anything in return, not even a thank you necessary. She knows when you can live with this intention every minute of everyday, you awaken your spirit to a special connection with a higher power.

I’m sure for her, living this way was once a series of conscious choices in the beginning, but now I can tell you she’s mastered the craft and it’s an unconscious way of living for her. For this and many other reasons, she’s my hero.

Through her actions I’ve learned the lesson that unconditional giving is the most precious gift of humanity that I truly believe is in us ALL. And when we access it gives our spirit power, purpose and life beyond our wildest dreams. No matter what our age, background, or past, we can start now and access this ability within ourselves any time. We just have to do it.

I think, like me, you’ll find that when you do it, the rush of goodness you feel will fill your soul with happiness and you just might get addicted to it. Knowing that your humble actions in all your interactions are teaching others to behave the same and that has a domino effect helping to make the world a better place for us all. That’s a movement worthy of being a part of. Because kindness without expectation of reciprocation spreads like wildfire and lifts the energy around us all. You, me and everyone.

So in this holiday time of gifts and giving, I challenge you to give everyone around you kindness and love regardless of whether or not you will get anything in return.

Let’s finish 2015 with love in our hearts. Merry Christmas everyone!

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