Leading From the ‘Sweet Spot’

Balance. It’s the key to longevity in most aspects of our lives. Work, family, self … if we live more in one realm than the rest, we experience turbulence in those neglected areas. However, once balance is restored, voilà, life is good again. Happens everyday, and has happened to everybody at some point.

I use the term ‘neglected’ because more often than not, our issues in our daily lives stem from neglecting to reflect on our balance.

Personally, I had never considered balance in my life until I was in my late 20s and read about it in some life coaching book. Though it’s likely something we all recognize should be important, we don’t always make it a priority to focus on because it’s often hard to see how much it impacts our work and daily lives.

The truth is, if we don’t focus on getting the balance right, the result can be negative things like losing our jobs, divorce, financial issues, or worse.

So, if we recognize that balance affects pretty much every human on the planet, then this can shape how we lead people and ourselves. We must take a minute to consider what we can do to help ourselves consistently operate in balance in order to help the people around us, people we lead, the same.

I came up with this diagram below to help me lead from a place of balance – or otherwise known as the Sweet Spot. For me, the things I needed to do to lead from the sweet spot are: Reflect to Reveal, Visualize to Create and Be Present to Inspire.


And that little spot in the middle where these three circles intersect is the Sweet Spot.

If you can achieve a balance of 1. Reflecting on what’s been done to reveal lessons that make you, your business and your people wiser; 2. Visualizing the future with your people to shape your business’s progress; and 3. Be present with your people to inspire them all, then you will become a leader everyone wants to work for and nobody wants to leave.

Put this somewhere on your desk and refer to it daily for a quick check in to see if you are leading from all places equally or if you are leading more dominantly in one or two areas. If you are, change!

A great clue to watch out for, and let you know you are falling out of balance as a leader, is if you experience turbulence in one of these areas. For example, if your people are quitting or arguing a lot, you are probably neglecting the present. Or, if your business is suffering the same mistakes over and over, you are neglecting to reflect on the past when making decisions. Or, if everyone isn’t clear on the future goals, you probably aren’t putting enough focus on your future vision. If turbulence comes and shakes you up, take a look at the ‘man in the mirror’ and see if you can make changes to achieve more balance in your leadership style.

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